The Banner Hill School of Fine Arts and Woodworking

There are not many things more satisfying than to create something that originates from your own mind. To pick up a raw stock of timber, a piece of clay or a blank canvas and see what it could be. At Banner Hill we strive to instill an atmosphere of learning and original creativity. Our goal is to offer stimulating classes in the arts that will challenge your imagination.

Banner Hill School of Fine Arts and Woodworking in the Northern Catskills, offers an inspirational setting, state of the art studios and workshop facilities. Our most valuable asset here at Banner Hill is our dedicated and talented staff whom will lead you in your pursuit of creativity and artistic ability.

Banner Hill is located within a short driving distance of the state capitol of Albany NY.  The Albany International Airport, Amtrak. and bus services are all conveniently near to Banner Hill.  Please use our directions finder or contact details below.  We are dedicated to making your experience at Banner Hill School of Fine Arts and Woodworking a great one.

Bench Project Beginning

It really doesn’t matter, I think, what one does during the week. For me, its building and furniture work. For you, it is whatever you do professionally. One thing we probably have in common, is that time always seems to crowd out those special projects we’d like to do.

 Here’s one.

Earlier this year I sold my house of thirty years, and this piece had been long forgotten and lost in the basement. It almost made the dumpster in my race just to be done with the moving process. But it made it into the woodworking shop, where it collected a few more months of dust.

 I finally ...   Read more