Banner Hill Custom Furniture & Restoration

Not just furniture….Artwork! Do you need a custom designed side table to fit that odd sized wall! Perhaps an antique heirloom chair has been scratched and chipped over years of use. Not a problem, our artisans can design and repair almost any piece. We will match woods and finishes to the original piece, and when designing a one of a kind custom piece of furniture, only the finest materials will go into our creations.

Bench Project Beginning

It really doesn’t matter, I think, what one does during the week. For me, its building and furniture work. For you, it is whatever you do professionally. One thing we probably have in common, is that time always seems to crowd out those special projects we’d like to do.

 Here’s one.

Earlier this year I sold my house of thirty years, and this piece had been long forgotten and lost in the basement. It almost made the dumpster in my race just to be done with the moving process. But it made it into the woodworking shop, where it collected a few more months of dust.

 I finally ...   Read more